When choosing where to shop, many people look first at prices, then location and then the name of the store...Unless the store is ubiquitous like Amazon. Little thought given to the importance of supporting small, local businesses. Often times, people's first response is.. "I get it from Amazon".

Now, we here at Gay Toys Online are not living in a bubble. We know when it comes to shopping, Amazon is amazingly convenient, and before the onset of the pandemic, free, next day delivery was expected. But with the events of 2020, many people and many communities have been effected, and it’s extremely important to support small and local businesses, especially during this era of COVID-19.

Along with Amazon, many companies, (Here's looking at you Netflix, UberEats, Peleton, and Clorox) are in fact profiting off the pandemic. Small businesses need all the help we can get. Like us, they are often owned and run by people who depend on them for their livelihoods, and, on the opposite side of the spectrum, Jeff Bezos (you know, founder and CEO of Amazon) is set for life — or around 111,000 lifetimes (no hate). Assuming it cost $1.67 million dollars for an entire life time, and Jeff's got $185 Billion)

As convenient as Amazon is, we want to remind that it’s not the only place selling what you want. When possible, we ask you to consider shopping local, and supporting small businesses whenever possible. If you found something you like on our site, or on Amazon, we ask that you consider where you want your dollars to go. We cannot provide free next-day shipping, but we can offer you the same products, great customer service (usually Alex) as well as our heartfelt Thanks!.

And you will know you are helping to support a small business, that pays its employees a living wage.

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