As with all products of this type, cleanliness is of utmost importance. Keeping your sextoys clean helps to ensure not only a long useful life of the product, but also reduce any health issues that may arise from using a toy that may be less than sanitary.


  • READ THE PRODUCT INFORMATION that came in the box when you first got the product. Manufacturers know their products better than anyone.
  • If it has a motor, or takes batteries, or is rechargeable DO NOT immerse it in water or liquid, unless it is clearly marked as being waterproof.
  • DO NOT submerge any toy controller in water.
  • Mild Soap and warm water and wiped with a clean cloth. Let it AIR DRY, store in a protective bag, or case to prevent contact with things that may not be as clean.
  • Do not use soap with moisturizers, fragrance, essential oils, etc. Certain materials may react with the toy's material degrading, softening, or ruining it
  • Silicone, Glass, and Metal products can be put in the dishwasher, or boiled for 10 minutes.
    (Use caution when touching any item after being cleaned in such a manner as it will be extremely hot and may cause injury)

    Water based lubes are suitable with most every toy available. Silicone, or hybrid type lubes may react with the more specialized materials used in the 'realistic' and softer types of toys ruining them. Petroleum based lotions and lubes are not suitable for use with toys. (Petroleum Jelly, Mineral Oil, Vaseline, Baby Oil, certain suntan lotions)

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